CentorMail MAX excels at swiftly and reliably processing high volumes of mixed mail formats without breaking stride. Its nearly one-inch pass-through is the widest in the industry, which means it can even handle fat, padded envelopes, and thick publications. CentorMail is the only machine for businesses that feeds mail vertically—just like the U.S. Postal Service. This allows for the most reliable, jam-free operation. And if you add the available inline automatic dynamic weighing option, you can load mail without presorting and let CentorMail run postage automatically with the speed and efficiency it’s renowned for.

  • Processes mail at a blistering 120-140 letters per minute.
  • Vertical feeding allows for smooth operation and handles bulky pieces.
  • True mixed-mail processing means you don’t have to presort.
  • The dynamic scale automatically calculates accurate postage while mail is processing.
  • Extremely reliable and jam-free operation reduces the stress and frustration caused by downtime.
  • Included envelope moistener obviates the need for manual sealing or a standalone sealing machine.
  • Master and user cards allow advanced operator security and accounts.
  • Extended feeder and output options increase run times for greater efficiency.
  • Available high-volume ink tanks yield longer durations between refills and lower ink costs.
  • Replenish postage securely at the touch of a button.
  • Track up to 300 departmental accounts (unlimited accounts with optionalMailOne software).